My passion for vintage textiles has been with me for what feels like forever. What is it about a piece of fabric that is slightly worn, sun bleached, frayed a little that gives it precedence in my head over a brand new gleaming, crisp, glowing coloured cloth?????!

I like going into a fabric shop and seeing the rows upon rows of colourful composition but I don’t get excited! Why I ask myself?? I can still create what I create with all of these magnificent materials. But they do not bring me the same amount of joy as wading through piles of dusty period textiles in a disheveled state.

Life is the ingredient that’s missing, they have lived, they tell a story. Like an old friend they are familiar in a comforting way that we want to immerse ourselves in to bringing back memories or wrap ourselves in times gone past because they were easier than it is now. We are also reminded that everything ages and so many things are better for it, including ourselves.

For me personally it is a reminder that things mattered more years ago. Things were made to endure the test of time and were not throw away. People respected what they had and looked after it and mended it when it broke. Little things mattered to you and you treasured them as they were part of you.

So when I see rows of vintage and used textiles I see LIFE. I feel the stories and I sense the passions, the sadness, the happiness…so many emotions….it’s not just a piece of discarded material it’s a beautiful experience waiting to be unraveled :+:

I have so many beautiful garments, some true vintage and some made from used textiles that I am putting together to bring to @sundownervibesandvintagefinds April 2nd @theshipyardmarket Porthleven

I will be putting some sneaky peek samples on stories of vintage pieces over the next week or so just to wet your appetite of what’s in store from EL HOBO :+: