Picnic beach eco blanket our range of EL HOBO reused blankets are the prefect environment solution.

Better than ‘made from bottle tops’ blah blah blah. Just use a vintage or reloved blanket take all its previous stories and adventures and add more. Then make it part of your family history.

I can remember our picnic blanket we used as a child. It had a tartan print on one side and a leopard print on the other. So many memories of picnics I can almost smell the egg sandwiches. Laying in the long grass on those beautiful lazy summer days out in the wild.

I repair and restore our vintage picnic blanket if that is necessary. I also create blankets from lots of old blankets. Choosing ones that have a good thickness to them making it comfortable to use. They come with an EL HOBO handmade used leather wrap. These are hand stitched with an EL HOBO logo. They are strong and sturdy therefore making it easy to carry the eco blanket.


Our blankets are all sourced me, I have an insatiable appetite for rummaging. A keen eye tuned to spot a gem textile. I never stop looking to find the perfect items. This is an ongoing search and my complete passion. Find more about Hannah and EL HOBO.

I like to use lots of different styles of blankets. Although vintage Mexican Falsa blankets are my favourite. They are predominantly handmade therefore beautiful quality. They make the best eco blanket to roll up and sit on. Other favourites to use are 100% wool vintage blankets or ‘trading blankets’. These were used as basic wearing apparel and as a standard credit among Native Americans. The quality of wool and the beautiful patterns of vintage picnic beach eco blanket to me are more desirable than new.