Handmade boho living we are doing a range of homewares including soft furnishings, cushions and beach/picnic rugs.

Our picnic blankets are often but not always vintage which I repair where necessary and clean. Then add my handmade EL HOBO leather carrying strap. They are the most practical environment solution. A blanket ready to be part of all your picnic beach days and part of your family history.

Check out our handmade boho cushions. Some are handmade completely from used textiles. I also like to use used cushions that I add an EL HOBO touch to. Above all it is reusing instead of buying new. Making them into that unique something ready to adorn your home.

Looking for that very unique and personal birthday gift? Why not get one of our Native American animal birth totems. Each animal is uniquely handmade in used leather and adorned in textiles and beads. They are the equivalent of our traditional western star signs.


We are also adding a range of handmade boho wooden products to EL HOBO we are loving our new woodworking adventures. One of our products is our Viking stool also called Cutlers or Buffers stool. Plus various other wooden pieces including shelves, bedside/bathroom cupboards and coat racks. While also reviving old furniture in our unique style ready to be loved again all in a bohemian living style. Check out Oxfam’s homewares and tips.

We collect our wood from many sources including fallen trees, using pallet wood, old scaffold boards and finds in reclamation yards.

View our other woodwork items for sale. Living around natural products feeds the soul. When it is made in a small batch from reclaimed materials it is sustainable. Sustainable living helps the planet and helps us all.