Heirloom and vintage quilts each one tells a story

Quilted heirloom handmade jacket is a piece of history to wear.

Made with authentic heirloom and vintage quilts each one tells a story. Handmade in small batches with a lot of love and care. The quilts are carefully selected for their patterns and wearability. Their are many types of quilt patterns including log cabin, LeMoyne (Eight Pointed) Star and triple Irish chain postage stamp. Trying to get the most out of one quilt depends on its size and pattern. Heirloom quilts were made from old clothes, sheets and curtains. Any items the quilter would find around the house.


My quilted heirloom handmade jacket comes in one of two styles. A larger field jacket that is great for layering. This has two pockets and full sleeves to wear over other items. The other is a fitted shorter bolero shape jacket. Both styles have a simple silhouette making them easy to wear for everyday. All our jackets look great with my range of bags.

I like to use all quilts in all conditions as I feel that the damaged ones show more character and age. All the quilt offcuts are used for patching jeans and dungarees for a unique look.

I use pleating to shape the front of the quilted heirloom handmade jacket. For instance adding a row of pleating at the shoulder creates a tulip shape front and a flattering fit. I try to use the edge of the quilt as the jacket edges. These usually show the most signs of wear which is its story. In addition on some of my jackets I like to add triple blanket stitching with wool. This adds a very unique and textured trim. I like to use a complimenting fabric to use as the lining to the jacket. Some quilts have a loose lining of which I remove and reuse.


Our quilted heirloom jacket is handmade therefore please wash with care. Hand wash with cool water and above all spot clean if possible. The fabrics used are either vintage or natural fibres so treat gently.