Handmade jewellery and handwoven hat bands are just part of our accessories range.

Using my handmade wooden loom I weave my handwoven hat bands. The loom itself is just a basic frame loom. Individual strands are attached to nails on a length of pallet wood. I only use wool collected secondhand from various sources. Making my range of reused hats into something unique. When looking for used hats I look for quality pure wool vintage. The styles I look for are Fedoras and Stetsons. Similarly any wool felt hat of quality and good shape I will use. Hand stamped and painted letters decorate my leather cuffs. Similarly I also use wool woven into punched holes. All finished off with a solid brass Sam Browne stud.

Perfect for adding to EL HOBO clothes to get a unique look.

Handmade jewellery

I love making handmade jewellery including earrings and necklaces. I have collected over the years many used beads and items to make jewellery from. Using small off cuts of leather and suede, pieces that are too small. These are perfect for jewellery pieces. After that I add Stirling silver posts. I attach the beads and leather feathers with waxed cotton. The jewellery is much like my handwoven hat bands and made mostly from unique pieces of used textiles.

I use alongside used beads, handmade beads. For instance beads direct from Native American tribes. These are all handmade by locals to original patterns. Above all they are made in small batches and help local tribal communities. Above all I use used beads and incorporate the handmade. Therefore by mixing it up it retains its EL HOBO style and uniqueness. Helping important traditional crafting methods and therefore helping sustainability.