My handmade leather tassel bag is an idea that came from not being able to find a simple and plain bag.

Therefore I decided to make my own the SUNDANCE tassel bag in a crossbody style. To help with how my bags move and look I choose not to line them. The huge amount of fringing gives it lots of movement, texture and style. The design is very simple and works with most gauges of leather. I do not use metal clasps or zips to keep it very plain and simple. My SUNDANCE bag compliments my handmade patchwork folk jackets beautifully.

I do not just make handmade leather tassel bags but also used textile bags. Fine vintage crochet and cotton are used to make a special occasion bag. Canvas and tapestry are used to make something sturdier like rucksacks and holdalls. I use textiles from old seat covers and furniture that has plenty of wear still left in it. Taking it all apart ready to use takes time but worthwhile doing to be reused again. Instead of taking leather sofas to the tip why not strip the leather and send to us. It takes such a small amount of time to cut the old leather away and reuse. Please get in touch if you have leather for us, we offer vouchers to have something made from the leather supplied.

I also like to mix my textiles up and use a mixture of fabric and leather. This combination works well on ‘hobo’ style bags used for everyday making them tough but colourful. Leather is an amazingly tough and durable product.


Secondhand it is like antique furniture and develops a ‘patina’. The fashion industry wastes time and resources to create ‘used’ looking leather. I do not like to buy new and seek out supplies of used leather for all of my bags. They look naturally aged and above all are kinder to the environment. Making leather requires a lot of water, making it now of the more thirstiest of industries. Developing countries tend to do most leather processing. It’s very difficult for developing countries to dispose of the toxic chemicals ethically. Choosing used leather is by far the best way to use it.