el hoBo bags

The Story

Bags are the most useful and personal accessory to have. All of our el hoBo bags are totally unique, no two are exactly the same making it all yours and completely individual.

We love to reuse old leather. We strip sofas, take apart jackets and clothing and recycle old bags.

Having been used for years this leather has an amazing patina and a lovely ‘lived in’ feel. We clean it all by hand, tidy it up and make it ready to cut into patterns.

We currently have two styles the Sundance and the Rebel. Both are made from a basic pattern which came about when I couldn’t find a simple plain bag with a ‘natural’ look.

Everything was too fussy with buckles, zips, metal clasps etc…so I designed my own. I choose not to line the bags as this alters the way they hang and move making them more rigid, plus it feels more natural to have the raw leather.

The Rebel

The Sundance

The bags are all stitched on an industrial Singer sewing machine that came from an old sail makers in Falmouth.

It is a beast of a machine, temperamental as hell but gets the job done with a very strong and tidy finish. I double stitch the seams for extra strength.

The Sundance and the Rebel are the basic shape.

Any other adornments that are added are all done by hand including lacing, whip~stitching or appliqué.

We love fringing and lots of it…..It moves and grooves!

All the layers of fringing on our bags is cut by hand so can be slightly irregular but the end result is amazing.

The bags are all finished off with an authentic ‘el hoBo’ stamp and a natural deer antler clasp adds that finishing touch where required.