UK Handmade using used textiles like heirloom quilts and vintage fabric is what EL HOBO apparel is all about.

Making beautiful unique items of clothing from used textiles all handmade by me here in the UK. I have a variety of sources for my used textiles and gain useful information from places like the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Heirloom quilts have a wealth of history and are mostly handmade. I use these to make jackets and add patchwork to various pieces giving them a homely folk style. A lot of the quilts depending on age are in need of repair this all adds to the ‘vintage’ look.  Along with the item made comes all the history written on the label so people know the origins.

Other used textiles can be vintage tablecloths. I use these to make jackets and dresses. They can be very decorative in embroidery with fine crochet trim therefore making a special occasion item for a wedding.

I love so many used textiles and have a vast collection I draw from. In conclusion it’s the putting together of these that creates the EL HOBO unique style.

In addition to our apparel we have some hand selected vintage and our range of accessories.


El HOBO patchwork folk jackets CORN & BEANS are made mostly from heirloom quilts by me here in beautiful Cornwall. The CORN & BEANS jacket has pleating on the shoulders to give the body a tulip shape. The vintage quilts used are from all over the world

We have a range of other styles including NANOOK our beach poncho made only from used textiles. It has a hood and deep pockets to bury your hands in on colder days. Our bolero jacket FLEETWOOD is perfect over a dress for that special occasion for instance a party or event. Our used textiles waistcoat WOODSTOCK are made out of heavier materials to be an outer wear garment. Made from used sheepskin and rugs they are warm and cosy to wear. Find out more about EL HOBO.


Our apparel is handmade therefore please wash with care. Hand wash with cool water and above all spot clean if possible. The fabrics used are either vintage or natural fibres so treat gently.