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folk jacket EL-HOBO

Eco boho quilted heirloom jacket is a piece of history to wear in your bohemian lifestyle. Made with authentic heirloom and vintage quilts each one tells a story. Handmade in small batches with a lot of love and care. The quilts are carefully selected for their patterns and wearability always aiming to use all of the quilt. I feel that the damaged ones show more character and age. Eco boho lifestyle to me denotes unconventional, my folk jackets are just that.

quilted coat EL HOBO
handmade quilted jacket EL HOBO
Eco Boho EL HOBO

EL HOBO apparel is all made from vintage and used textiles. I love to make timeless pieces that are totally unique using jumpers, jackets, quilts, curtains, sheepskin and old leather. Other used textiles can be vintage tablecloths. I use these to make jackets and dresses. They can be very decorative in embroidery with fine crochet trim therefore making a special occasion item for a wedding. Heirloom quilts have a wealth of history and are mostly handmade. I use these to make jackets and add patchwork to various pieces giving them a homely folk style.

uk handmade EL HOBO
crochet handmade jacket EL HOBO
wool tunic EL HOBO
handmade shearling waistcoat EL HOBO
tassel bag EL HOBO

I decided to make my own eco boho lifestyle bag, the ‘SUNDANCE’ bag. It is made from used leather that has been sourced from old sofas and jackets. The bag is not lined so that it moves and hangs better. The huge amount of fringing gives it lots of movement, texture and style. The design is very simple and works with most gauges of leather. I do not use metal clasps or zips to keep it very plain and simple. I also like to mix my textiles up and use a mixture of fabric and leather. This combination works well on ‘hobo’ style bags used for everyday making them tough but colourful. By and large leather is an amazingly tough and durable product.

EL HOBO bags is where it all started.

handmade leather bag EL HOBO
leather tassel bag EL HOBO
leather tassel EL HOBO
bohemian living EL HOBO
bohemian cushion EL HOBO

New at EL HOBO are our eco boho lifestyle homewares range including soft furnishings, cushions, wash/make up bags and beach/picnic rugs. Our used cushions are handmade completely from used textiles. I also like to use used cushions that I add an EL HOBO touch to. Above all it is reusing instead of buying new. Making them into that unique something ready to adorn your boho home. Looking for that very unique and personal birthday gift? Why not get one of our Native American animal birth totems. Each animal is uniquely handmade in used leather and adorned in textiles and beads. They are the equivalent of our traditional western star signs.

We are also adding a range of wooden products to EL HOBO we are loving our new woodworking adventures. One of our products is our Viking stool also called Cutlers or Buffers stool. Plus various other wooden pieces including shelves, bedside/bathroom cupboards and coat racks. Living around natural products feeds the soul. When it is made in a small batch from reclaimed materials it is sustainable. Above all Sustainable living helps the planet and helps us all.

make up bag EL HOBO
handmade lifestyle EL HOBO
picnic blanket EL HOBO
beach blanket EL HOBO

Our range of EL HOBO eco boho reused blankets are the prefect environment solution. Better than ‘made from bottle tops’ blah blah blah. Just use a vintage or reloved blanket take all its previous stories and adventures and add more. Then make it part of your family history. I repair and restore our vintage picnic blanket if that is necessary plus some blankets are created from lots of old blankets.

I like to use lots of different styles of blankets. although vintage Mexican Falsa blankets are my favourite. They are predominantly handmade therefore beautiful quality. They make the best blankets to roll up and sit on. Other favourites to use are 100% wool vintage blankets or ‘trading blankets’. These were used as basic wearing apparel and as a standard credit among Native Americans. The quality of wool and the beautiful patterns of vintage picnic beach blanket to me are more desirable than new.

EL HOBO picnic beach blanket stack
EL HOBO picnic beach blanket holder
rustic furniture EL HOBO

Rustic furniture like our Viking stool also called Cutlers or Buffers stool can be a stool or side table. Made from foraged fallen and reclaimed living edge wood. Whittled wood feels lovely with a natural beeswax finish. This gives the wood a wonderful patina and in addition protects it.
In the range is our bedside/bathroom cupboard and shelf/coat rack. These are also made from hand whittled fallen wood and reclaimed timber. I keep the designs plain and simple making our furniture timeless. Using pallet’s, used scaffold boards, fallen trees and wood from reclamation yards. I reuse old nails and screws where needed, above all recycling as much as I can to make our rustic furniture.

Our rustic furniture is just part of our bohemian lifestyle range. The beauty of our furniture is not to look mass produced.

coat hook EL HOBO
EL HOBO rustic furniture close up
woodwork EL HOBO

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