My name is Hannah and I am el hoBo…

…a global traveller. Experienced in the art of rummaging, mooching and seeking to find life’s hand me downs and vintage treasures.

Everything is sewn by myself on my vintage electric singer sewing machine. Which itself came out of an old sail making factory in nearby Falmouth.

Sourced locally to worldwide. From old sofa covers to vintage kilim from the souks in morocco. Taken apart so every bit of what I find gets used in some way or another and finally gets transformed into something wonderful. I see new life in everything vintage or thrown away. So unique amongst all the mass production surrounding us out there today.



Bags handmade and unique

The first ‘Sundance’ bag was made 16 years ago after not being able to find a simple non fussy leather bag. So I designed and made my own. I still have and wear that original bag which just gets better with age.

Using second hand leather from old sofas and jackets or leather offcuts sourced from flea markets and fairs. Each bag is totally unique in either its finished design or the leather its made of. Hence no other person will have the same beautiful Sundance bag as you!

All other el hoBo bags are made in the same unique way using vintage and recycled textiles. Producing a one off beautifully bespoke item just for you.