Here at el hoBo our main emphasis is on reusing and being thrifty. Sustainability is of the upmost importance. Our materials and textiles used are predominantly sourced secondhand including cotton threads, zips, buttons etc etc with only the very bare minimum of new used if really needed.

A lot of my collections involve the use of leather and sheepskin. Again this is only ever sourced as a used material, coming from old sofas that we dismantle to leather jackets and bags, all providing an abundance of good usable quality leather. I myself am a vegetarian and don’t condone the use of animal products for pleasure, however I do feel that in reusing old leather and sheepskins etc then it hasn’t gone to an unnecessary death to end up as waste in the landfill.


el hoBo is a homespun folksy Americana inspired lifestyle shop created by me Hannah While. Growing up I was always referred to as ‘the littlest hobo’ by my father due to my wanderlust nature and collector of used items. My style is a collective melting pot of happy 70’s memories, passion for worldwide travel, country music and years of a surfing and biker lifestyle.

I studied fine art and design at college and worked for many years as a freelance display stylist in between travelling the world, just me and my son for the whole of his childhood. I am passionate about beautiful textiles and traditional clothing and have had the privilege to visit many countries rich in such items including Morocco, Mexico, India, Indonesia, America and lots of Europe.

I was brought up extremely thrifty and taught how to do most things on a budget, but mostly how to reuse and mend instead of buying new. Secondhand living is my way of life and el hoBo encapsulates all that I love and want to share with you all.